We all pursue the goal of being the moving force on the job, within the team or as a leader. For companies, their talents are of utmost importance. But what if challenges are no longer actively addressed or the individual contribution to the company’s goal is unclear? What if the necessary identification with the values and the mission are not strong enough?

This is where FACE INDIVIDUAL COACHING comes in to empower employees individually and achieve top performance.

When we want to achieve something, we do it with the power of our team. Our strong team. Very often teams spend many days together without updating the common goal and their cooperation according to the situation. Due to uniformity and habit nevertheless demanding daily job routine, a team often loses motivation, flexibility and innovation.
Openness and cohesion are lost more and more.
Team players become lone fighters. The implementation decreases.

This is were the FACE TEAM DAY comes in.

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What happens at FACE Team Day?

Self-reflection is not a matter of course Challenges permeate our lives and require distance and analysis. No matter whether they are private or professional. And they are always individual: Only you can know what you want and determine your path to achieve it. Because you are the moving force. Often we lack the right tools, real effectiveness and routines to tackle, persevere and successfully master the challenge. Sparring with others, even better with peers, often makes it easier.

This is exactly where the FACE GROUP comes in.

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Why is the FACE Group Box so successful?

It is not just a matter of meeting the increasing pressure of expectations from customers and political requirements. Equality between women and men has become a financially decisive competitive factor for companies. Equal opportunities create scope and design options. It raises the quality of implementation and gives a direct boost to corporate culture and performance. And that pays off for everyone. For companies. And for employees. Regardless of gender.

This is where our  FACE FEMALE PROGRAM comes in.

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What is the FACE Female Program?


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