Can just three days really make a difference? Is it enough to change someone in the long term? Can it make a leader transform problems into challenges? Can it motivate a team member in a completely new way? Can it provide willpower and create transformation-energy?

Three days of full power, three days living the methodology of a former world champion, Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, three days with excellent mentors, in a heterogeneous group, fully activated mentally and physically.

The F.A.C.E. method stands for Focus, Agility, Coordination and Endurance. These four building blocks are taught mentally and strengthened physically. Our camp provides participants with fantastic willpower and implementation-energy to take with them into their everyday work – and all other areas of life. 


We are currently creating a digital program that has first-class mentors, who will remotely get you going with the transformation-energy stage – through, for example, coaching, sports sessions, and networking evenings.


If you would like to be informed about when the digital program starts, please just let us know.

F.A.C.E. to face

The individual coaching to develop the NEXT YOU

Life is a challenge – whether in your private life or at work, whether physically or mentally. From childhood onwards, one challenge follows the other throughout your life. Find your new challenge – and once you have it, use it as you constantly develop. Together we will prepare the next stage of your personal development – we will identify and define your NEXT YOU!

Session 1 – Onboarding We get started right away! What’s on your mind?

Session 2 – Focus | What do you want? Focus yourself! You gain clarity in your thoughts and you concentrate exclusively on yourself, on your experiences, and your expectations.

Session 3 – Agiltiy | How do you do it? In this session we explore how agile you are around obstacles and we develop your battle plan.

Session 4 – Coordination | With whom and with what? Learn to successfully coordinate and work with your environment and your allies. Together we define all influencing strategies.

Session 5 – Endurance | How do you keep going? You find out what will help you to sustain your challenge so that you don’t lose stamina halfway through.


We will be happy to advise you.


Meike Pukropski